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Angel Tree!

Tis the Season as they say to so many this time of year. That’s the thing though, this time of year there is so much joy and hope in the world. The time to celebrate the concept of love and kindness. This time of the year is to remember all the good times and experiences in life with the ones you love and cherish. To participate in culture and traditions. The reveling in all things Christmas. The smells and places, food and drinks, memories and passions, beliefs and possibilities. Christmas is a time to appreciate and reflect on all the things had and yet to come.

Yet, this is not the case sometimes for everyone. Sometimes this is and will be some of the hardest times of the year for many reasons. Whether it be losses, broken situations, or tainted memories. It can be a very hard time of the year. This is never the easy part to talk about. Most of the time people choose to forget this part. Typically Avoid if possible, ironically it is hard to avoid, no matter how hard you try. Looking for hope in these situations can be one of the hardest things to do.

In all things the things that separates human kind from any other species is the capability to find HOPE. Hope in a better day, life, or future. Hope to help your fellow kind. Hope to change what has happened and what can be. Hope to give back and change peoples lives. Hope to share that light of joy and happiness with others. Hope to life someone up even in their darkest hours. Hope to believe that it can be better. Hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope that we matter!

That’s the Purpose here to be able to give back and provide that H.O.P.E. to others in need of it. They didn’t ask and yet they deserve it because of that. Support to bring a glimmer of that Hope back that people still care. To bring back the thought that there is still good people that believe in the goodness and faith of a better tomorrow. That changing one life can change the world. This is the inherent concept of Hope at it’s core.

This was and will continue to be the opportunity we take here at the NTO’s. The opportunity to give back to the ones and comminutes that need it. We were blessed this year to help a Family with just that, HOPE.

The Family we were able to help this year was in a transition year and with so many variables they were not financially stable to participate in all things Christmas. Which this mean no Santa and gifts alike. Crystal* was a new single parent and struggling with finding work, or place to stay. Holly* her beautiful and vibrant daughter, was concerned that this would be the first Christmas that Santa was not going to find where they lived and or be able to bring Christmas presents of joy to them. Gifts much food was not an option this December.

This was no an option. We were blessed and honored to be able to be the ones that changed that this year. It is so amazing seeing a team of individuals come together for something bigger and more important than themselves. Christmas will be saved. Santa will come this year!

As we got with our contact, SF*, that found this sweet wonderful family, to see how exactly we could help them. We got a list of all things they wanted and or needed. Were so excited to help we got everything on their list. It melted my heart of how this team came together and found the real reason for what we do here at the NTO’s. H.O.P.E. It is the passion and purpose behind all we do.

The blessings to hear all about how much this Christmas mattered. what we did changed and saved the light. The light of hope that there are people that care. That you matter. That good always finds a way. These were some of the statements used by Crystal and Holly after they found out they were the ones selected, when all those gifts were under the Christmas tree on that day. Crying was not just an option at this juncture it was a mandate. the brain couldn’t hold them back anymore, the heart wants what it wants and in that moment it wanted tears of joy! To be part of this is always the uplifting and changing moment that so few get the opportunity to have. That’s the funny thing about hope. Whether you are looking for it or not it is always there. Believe, have Faith, and always always have and give Hope!

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